Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Betrayal Of A Husband To His Wife [ PART 6 END ] Her life now

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Currently the Indian lady is still living with her husband and their children which are already grown up and independent. She has nothing more to care and mind about her children anymore.

His husband never hit her since the last time he hit her on her eye but his bad temper, always scolding is never getting better. But the Indian lady was used to it and didn't mind too much.

Her life now was free and easy, she will do whatever she want and go where she want.

Lesson from this story is.

She thinks man is all the same, there's always a devil inside them but just to wait weather the devil is coming out or being under control.As long the man is responsible for the family, we as a lady we can just act don't know for the sake of our own children. When the children is big enough to independent, we as a woman, can do whatever we want without caring too much.If there's any abuse from husband, do need to ask for help. Remember, this is very important. The law will protect us the woman and the child.

~~~ THE END ~~~

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