Friday, 9 October 2015

Restaurant & Food Review : Kei Tak Sek (记得食) Dessert Stall, Kepong

Dessert, who don't like dessert??? I guess everyone likes it. Icy cold shaved ice with sago or hot boiling sweet soup...owh, just by thinking it, it made me drooling...

Here a great road side dessert stall which i guess all the people in Kepong knows it. This stall located at Kepong ''wai seK gai'' hungry valley and its very very easy to be spotted.A corner shop, right beside a junction traffic light]

All the food & drinks they sell are on the signage and all of it is written in chinese. For those banana's like me, please bring along someone who can read chinese..or if you dont have, its ok, the waitress & waiter here are friendly enough to serve you.

The hot dessert section which serve all kind of traditional Chinese sweet soup dessert such as :-

  • Read bean soup
  • Creamy peanut soup
  • Black glutinous rice soup
  • Water chestnut soup with egg
  • etc etc etc & its seasonal too

The left area is the dim sum's & food area. You might go & pick what you wanted there.

The other side, far left side, the cold dessert section. They have varieties of shaved ice sago such as :-

  • Red Bean Sago
  • Strawberry Sago
  • Mix Fruit Sago
  • Honey Dew Sago
  • Cincau & Fruit Sago
  • Kiwi Sago
And this is what i picked that today.


Water chestnut & egg [hot]
Red Bean Sago
Mixed Fruit Sago

Giant Xiu Mai 
Shanghai Sticky Rice
Chee Cheong Fun
Steamed Yam Cake [wu tao gou]
Crispy fried fish cake with salted egg yolk & minced pork
Giant fish balls
Glutinous Chicken Rice [loh mai gai]

Not enough full then order another bowl of ramen...taste not so good

With all the dishes & desert above, the bill we get is only below RM50. Its quite cheap if compare to regular dim sum's stall but i wanna note down something here which are our personal opinion & taste.

My favorite is the Chee Cheong Fun. The noodle is soft and they wrap in some minced meat & dried prawn [xia mi] in it and the chilly sauce, wow, i can eat few plate of this with it. The sauce taste a little bit spicy with some sour taste. Very good combination and smells very good too.

Needed some improvement down here.
  • The Glutinous Chicken Rice [loh mai gai] taste weird and not nice at all. We 2 person also cant finish it because it really taste awful.
  • Giant Fish Balls. A very strong fishy smell and the texture is not chew-ie like those regular fish balls. 
  • Giant Xiu Mai, regular kopitiam's xiu mai taste is better than this
Overall was good, service is fast and the surrounding is clean. If you wanna have more option, done come here after 9pm because at this time, the hot dessert are mostly sold out.

Kei Tak Sek (KTZ)  (记得食) @ KEPONG
Address: No. 66 Jalan 7,
Kepong 52100,
Kuala Lumpur


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