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Pregnancy Blog : Nice to meet you [WEEK 7] Are you OK? [WEEK 8]

Hi friends, relatives & my dear reader.

All plan has changed, as i mention before, i will do my check up & delivery at Gleaneagles KL. Due to many reason, me and my in laws family has decided to get everything done at Sime Darby Park City Hospital. Why? Main reason is because IT'S VERY NEAR TO MY HOUSE. Just 3 minute driving distance, 10 minute walking distance. Payment wise, 10 to 30 percent more expensive than Gleaneagles KL which is not a very good for our pocket.

Currently I'm under Dr Goh HY supervision. She was a very nice & pretty doctor. Feels very comfortable talking to her =) For Dr Goh's details please click [here]
Made appointment with her by calling this number [ +(603) 6279 3121 / 3120 ] She is very fully book, please call before you go.

I had my very 1st check up done at week 7 and everything went good. The baby is growing well and im healthy too.

Hi there little rice
There's a little different with the previous pregnancy i have. With this pregnancy, i often feels sleepy and the time i use for sleep is scary for me. I can sleep up to 18 hours a day @@.
And my back bone, especially the middle part, it feels so so ''sour'', tired and at some point, i really feel very uncomfortable with it, i wanna stretch , twist & turn my bone but due to pregnancy, i cant do so =(. I tried to sleep on bed, sofa, floor, yoga mat and any possible place where i can lye on seems useless for me.

Abdominal cramp. Last pregnancy i never feel any of cramping but with this pregnancy, i often fees my ab, or lower tummy which the babies are in now are cramping. The feels are like menstrual cramps. Wont last long, maybe 3 to 4 times a week and a cramp will last somewhere 3 to 5 minute per time. Doctor said this is very common to 1st trimester preggy ladies.

Appetite & food consume quantity. For the previous pregnancy, i can eat anything i want, whatever i want and as many as i want but with this little one in my tummy. My appetite changed a lot and it scares me. From week 4 to 6, my appetite was very good, i can finish a 2 person portion per meal. Once my baby reach the week 7 mark, my appetite drops. Every morning i was able to eat anything and at least i can finish a bowl of noodle or a plate of nasi lemak. But now, i have no appetite to eat and if i tried to eat, i only can eat 1 to 3 mouth full of food and often i cant finish my breakfast. Due to very less food intake at the morning & noon time, dinner time is the time i MUST FINISH MY FOOD. I'm forcing my self to eat at least a proper meal a day. Lately my favorite food is Sweet & Sour Pork + white rice. With all the geli-ness feel of food, I only prefer this and i can finish the whole plate of rice in just 5 to 10 minute. Because im really hungry.....

My bill for this 1st visit is RM 317.48

My next appointment will be on the 9th week and wish for the beat for me & my baby ^^


I assume this pregnancy will be as easy as the previous one but this is not.

I had a emergency appointment with Dr Goh today due to bleeding.

As usual, i wear pantyliner's every time, every day, every moment during pregnancy times because pregnant ladies will have a lot of vaginal discharge.

Today 26/10/2015 Time 11.30am

A pantyliner full of fresh red blood. *scares the hell out of me*
I called the gynie department and ask Dr Goh to speak to me but Dr Goh was busy that time so the nurses help me to pass my message to her. The nurses call back in 10 minutes and Dr Goh ask me to meet her immediately.

By that moment, I'm on my way to fetch my daughter from nursery and heading back to home. On the way home, i called my husband to accompany me to the hospital. The main reason is not to accompany me lah, is for taking care of my princess.

Once everything is in settle, husband arrived home at 1 pm and we immediately drive to the hospital. I'm in a waiting list due to an emergency case and waited for around 45 minute and finally i herd my name call.

Im going in Dr Goh's clinic alone because at that moment we are having lunch at a nearby cafeteria and the nurses called me while we are eating.

Our conversation ~

Dr Goh : How many blood you spotted?
Me : A pantyliner full of fresh blood.
Dr Goh : Any pain & discomfort?
Me : Cramping since yesterday, not for long, around 2 minutes per cramp.
Dr Goh : Any sex last night?
Me : No
Dr Goh : OK, lets have a look at the baby.

Dr Goh : Ultrasound done, baby is doing fine, growing up well at week 8, size and heart beat seems healty, no any clot blood inside the uterus.
Me : Then doctor what caused the bleeding? I had done my pap smear 4 months ago and the result was good.
Dr Goh : Very good, I will have a check with you but i wont take any tissue like pap smear. Just have a look at your cervix.

A speculum is inserted into my vagina, just like pap smear do. To widen the vagina so the doctor has the access or a clearer look at our vagina.

Dr Goh : Which Doctor and which hospital you go to last time and had your pap smear done?
Me : A doctor from Gleaneagles KL.
Dr Goh : OK, did he tell you there's a polyp at your cervix? I sure it's visible during pap smear.
Me : No, he never mention anything and he said everything was fine.
Dr Goh : OK, lest go to outside and talk.

Dr Goh : I saw a Polyp at your cervix and its ok to have it. Its quite common for pregnant lady and it is not cancerous.
Me : Ok, what will you do and what i need to do?
Dr Goh : I'm not sure where the blood came from. Either from the the Polyp or the worst are from your uterus which we all don't want to hear. For precaution, ill give you a hormone injection & also some hormone pills to consume for a week.The inject & pills will help your uterus to relax and not to tense out.The bleeding will still occur for 2 or 3 days more because i still saw some stain in your vagina. If everything's fine, please come back and fine me at week 11.
Me : Ok, thanks Doctor Goh ^^

Once out from the office, the nurse called me and give me a jab of [ Proluton Depot Amp 250mg/ml] at my butt cheek and went to the pharmacy to collect the [Duphaston Tab 10mg] tablet to consume twice a day for a week.

The amount that i need to pay for this time is RM 300.35

Dear preggy friends out there, please don't ignore the smallest symptoms or discomfort of your pregnancy. Consult your gynie if there's any uncommon symptoms occur. No one wants their body or baby get harm. Please be alert. Every pregnancy is different. Don't assume all is same and please dont compare your previous pregnancy with the current one.

~~Take care and see see you again ~~

Hospital Details : 

ParkCity Medical Centre
Owned by RSD Hospitals Sdn Bhd (Fomerly known as ParkCity Medical Centre Sdn Bhd)
T : +(603) 5639 1212
F :  +(603) 7846 0925
E :
W :
Address : 2, Jalan Intisari Perdana, Desa ParkCity, 52200 KL.

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