Thursday, 15 October 2015

Review : Asia's First Kissing Lip Balm [ CiUM ]

CiUM...What does ''CiUM'' means? CiUM it's a malay word which means ''KISS''

CiUM is a kissing lip balm which can be used by couples to improve and enhance their relationship.

weight of each of the balm is 5g.
CiUM is the Asia's First Kissing Lip Balm and is used solely for kissing. But, if you are single, I will not asking you to kiss a unknown person. You can use it as a regular daily lip balm. Just apply a flavor on the upper lip and another one at the bottom lip, squeeze it together, then a surprise fusion flavor will appear.
The story is printed on the packaging as well

A little romantic & sweet story of the founder of this lip balm 

Tom was an airline pilot based in Malaysia and he had a long distance relationship pilot girlfriend which based at Manila. Tom usually travel back & forth to see her girlfriend Sandra and his lip will get crack because of the dry air. Therefore lip balm is his daily must use item.However most of the lip balm out there are wither too oily or bland and do not has good aftertaste for him. So he had decided and try to develop a kissing lip balm which is CiUM. Each partner has to choose a flavor and apply on their lips. When they kiss, the flavors mixed and will produce a sensation that will intensifies their kissing. The day has come. 38,000ft. 2 more hours away from his beloved Sandra. The kiss which Tom waited for so long and finally Tom gets to make his kissing experience more memorable with Sandra. Thank You CiUM.

The main ingredient for this kissing lip balm is Shea Butter which are for an intensive moisturizing effect and and also has some food ingredients which will made you and your couple lips soft, supple & youthful all the time. It also contains antioxidant.

CiUM Meeko & Sambal Ingredient
CiUM Ais & S'Berry Ingredient
All printed at the side of the box
From AirAsia Website
This fantastic product is sold in all AirAsia flights. Feels hard to get it? No No No No. You guys may also buy from their website which is far more more more cheaper. [Click here to the website]

The lip balm set not only comes with a regular paper box, they also have a new classy packaging which can used as a gift such as Valentines, Birthdays, Christmas and so so on.

Order it now for only RM40. If you buy it last minute within any festive season,

Most people do wait till the last minute, especially boys. I guess many men's & boys out there will be scratching their head and figuring what to buy for their partner. Here i tell you, CiUM is the one i recommend. It comes with a few flavors and i believe with this all flavors, there must be a flavor which are suitable for you two. Their website offers PRE-order CiUM with this few fantastic flavors :-

  • CiUM Sambal / Ais
  • CiUM Meeko / S'berry
  • CiUM Jumbo / Ying
  • CiUM Zac / Kimmy

Please do order the PRE-Order CiUM in advance, not during last minute on the valentines day because the price definitely will hike during those period.

and currently I'm having the second one, Meeko / S'berry. The very 1st moment when I get it, I'm wondering what Meeko was, is it the raccoon from the movie Pocahontas? Will it taste and smells like a raccoon?

Meeko the raccoon from the movie Pocahontas 
 NO, I WAS Wrong...Meeko smell's like chocolate and it taste very sweet. I cant keep my toungue off from licking it...S'bery wise, smells like nata d'coco for me =). Not like Meeko which taste sweet, S'bery has no taste, only a very sweet scent.

Once the 2 balm combined, my lips get a surprise tingly minty feel. It feels so good on my lips. If you and your couple use it, i guess he/she will be surprise with the reaction of the 2 balm mixed together.

CiUM is a very special lip balm. It is so different with other regular lip balm. Give it a try folks..

Order through AirAsia Catalogue or their website :-
and whatsapp is available too : +6016 - 686 7929


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