Wednesday, 4 February 2015

My Precious Daughter ''2'' Year Old Birthday Celebration

31 January 2015, my  daughter turns 2. **Yayy**
Preparation has been done since a month ago, phew, what a tired month.

Where do i get the omph to have a party in sudden, it starts with an conversation with my husband.
What we gonna do on 31st January, since my In laws family is not around,flip flip flip the calendar,
31/January/2015 - Saturday .WOW....Saturday night, Sunday everyone's is not working.Boom.
conformed to have party on that day.

We created an event on Facebook, then im starting to look for a theme for the birthday.
Either Minnie or Kitty, cuz my daughter really like those 2 character.


Online, searched for pictures to print out, looking for more idea, how to decorate the empty wall in my house....finally, i found on youtube, a DIY tissue flower that look like this

Paper flower that ive successfuly made

I have bough a few, somewhere around 20 crepe paper from popular that cost RM1 per pac.
for me, 1 pac is more that emough to made a flower dimension around 15cm.

Balloon & Helium gas Foil balloon

The boss is kinda friendly, they explained to me step by step to blow up & inflate those balloon.
And surprisingly they told me that regular rubber balloon if filled with Helium gas will only stand for 24 hours, but if those aluminium foil like balloon, that can stand for few weeks.
Price for a huge pac of rubber ballo0n cost somewhere RM 50 for 100 pcs,
foiled balloon, myn is just Rm 15 per pcs. Theres many size & design to choose from. and they also do event. =)


Bough most of it at MR DIY at Ampang Point, super cheap, super affordable.
Bought the 3 tier cupcake stand for only Rm 5
6 pcs Pink plastic cup for only RM 2
12 Pcs Spoon & fork, 12 pcs per pac RM 3


Very Very thankful to have a great aunty  that helped me to cook, she cooked me 2 tray of  Tom yum Beehoon that taste great.

Home made Tuna + Egg Mayo Sandwich which has TC Boy canned Mayonnaise Tuna, lettuces, tomato & cucumber.

Deep Fried food : All from Ayamas Bandar baru ampang. Their service was great too.
They can fried those food for FREE. FREE FREE....
I bough a pac of chicken drummet, 1 pac of cocktail sausage & 2 pac of Golden nugget.
all this is below RM50 ONLY...and it take  then 30 minute to fried all for me =)

Door Gift :- Chocolate & Peanut Macaroon with salty crust from Fougasse Boulangerie Pattiserie @ Pandan Indah

Snacks & Drinks are all from Tesco Supermarket.


Candy Booth
All of this done on 31January2015 - 2am
The toys & gift received a week in advance
Testing 1st before the guest arrive...xD
Sweety Birthday Cake ( Durian Cake )
Uncle From my mother side.
Thanks for coming
Thanks for the Photo as well =)
A little smilie face from my princess. Please grow up healthily =)

Thanks for reading. Adios

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