Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Diary : Daughter going to school

Hello aunty & uncle ^^

Hi readers, this post is more to my self of recording & noting down some important thing happened to me along this September & October

Early September
Few weeks ago, i kept my Sony A5000 camera in a recycle bag which i keep some of my daughter daily stuff such as drypers, water bottle & her beloved stinky pillow & pacifier. At a moment, she has the urge or sudden feeling to take out her pillow & pacifier. She dragged the bag and drop it down from a coffee table to the floor. At that moment....GOD, PLEASE RESCUE MY CAMERA! The 1st thing i do is to check on my camera.So far so good, still functioning.After a few day, there's a food test event. As usual, im bringing my camera to any blogger event. At the moment where all the pretty & delicious food was served, i turned on my camera..Sh*t, the lens is hanged and i cant event take a single photo with it...Thankfully i'm inside Pavilion that day, i ran to the camera shops below where i bought the camera 8 months ago and the sales person there cant help me do much thing and the only thing he can do is sent to Sony factory to claim the warantee...I submitted the form & the lens on the same day and what i get back for that day is just a yellow slip and a camera without the lens.=(
After 3 weeks time, the shop sales person has called back, asked me to collect the lens at Pavilion on 29/9/15 which is 2 days ago. Thank's god, you are finally back. I will protect you, take care you, sayang you. Its been a very hard time attending event & taking pictures with a giant lens.

Since 24th of September till now,
My self is feeling weird. Bad temper, back ache, tummy blotted, breast tenderness, abdominal cramp & farted alot especially during 2am onward. The cramp feels just like menstrual cramp and i do remember this kind of symptoms appear during my pregnancy time...*pray pray pray* i wish my dream to have another family addition will come true [fyi: me & hubby has been trying very hard to conceive for 15 months now] and i even had a early miscarriage (almost 5 weeks) on July due to the ovum (egg) not attached strongly at the wall.

1st October 2015

Marked the 1st day of my daughter to school. I feel so overwhelmed, exited, scared and what so ever feeling is all here. Even i cant get a good night sleep yesterday. This morning, me & hubs sends our daughter to the kindie. Surprisingly, my daughter didn't nag and even too concentrate on playing the puzzles the teachers give. Me and hubs drop her off, stay at the kindie for 10+ minute then we left. So far...hmmm...almost 11am now, the teacher has not called me yet. So i think, she is behaving well there i guess. Owh, her sleeping time. Its hard to adjust your kiddo time. She has been a night owl since 1 or 2 month ago. She's asleep at 12am mostly everyday. Yesterday i had bring her to the bedroom, switch off all the light at 9.30pm but my daughter only fell asleep at 11.15pm..=(
And the next morning, she is awake at 6.30 @@. Super kid


She is asleep now. I went to the kindie at 11.30 and the class finished at 12pm. The teacher said that she is a very steady & active child =) [glad to herd that]. Arrive home at 12.10pm. Bath eat then nap...Only use 30 minute & less to settle all.Never try this fast before. Maybe because she is hungry & tired.

I'm proud of her. Kids do grown up so fast. In a blink of eye, she almost turn 3. I do still remember the moment doctor took her out from my tummy while i'm lying on the cold operation table with half body numbed.


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