Saturday, 14 November 2015

Contest : Seiko ''My Favorite Lukia'' Contest

Hi dear readers, long time no see, it has been many up's and down's for me during this pregnancy, sorry for didn't update as often as i did previously.

I'm here to let you guys know, Seiko Malaysia has launched a contest which is Seiko ''My Favorite Lukia'' Contest on 24th August 2015 on their Facebook Page.

Video of Ariel Lin & Seiko Lukia Watch

This contest has ended on 9th September 2015 and Seiko Malaysia will choose 3 lucky winner and all of them will receive a piece of Seiko Lukia SRW869P1.

Very feminine watch, deeply fall in love with it just by looking at it
On one typical morning, I got an email, from whom i don't know, at the 1st moment, i thought it was a spam email, i click it in and read it.

!! WHAT !!
!! O H !!
!! M Y !!
!! G O D !!

I'm one of the 3 lucky winner among hundreds or thousands of participants...omg omg omg omg....never been so lucky in my whole life....winning a Seiko watch..Never thought of it even dreamed of it.

Saw me? XD ( the 3 lucky winner)
I had arrange my appointment with them and collect the watch on 5th of November at Seiko's Malaysia HQ (Central Plaza KL, Level 26)


The Cardboard Box
Pull the cover up
Instruction & Guarantee Booklet

And the warantee card is inside the blue book (1 year warantee)
The receipt...RM 1,303.80 @@
my very 1st expensive watch
There's a wooden box in the cardboard box (the watch box)
Tada.....My LUKIA watch
Close up's
And the back of the watch
I really wanna thanks Seiko Malaysia for choosing me as their 3 lucky winner. Appreciate so much and I really love this watch so much. Thanks again. Please do pay attention to their Facebook Page because they will give away free watches from time to time. ^^. Wish you are the lucky 1 next time =)


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