Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Event : Celebrating CNY with Hui Lau Shan 許留山 (Special Guest Juztin Lan 劉界輝 )

A brand new year started and there is a must for me and my family to have at least 1 lou sang a year which wishes everyone to get a prosperity and well year ahead.

I guess much of us here should know HUI LAU SHAN 許留山 right? The dessert shops opened at most of our renown shopping center which sells desserts and mostly are made by mangoes.

This year, the Monkey year, HUI LAU SHAN 許留山 gonna introducing to you guys their new menu, CHEERFUL LOU SANG and PROSPERITY LOU SANG. Other than Yee Sang, they also do promote their CNY Special menu which is PROSPERITY HK SIGNATURE NEW YEAR CAKE (nian gao) , PROSPERITY HK SIGNATURE RADISH CAKE & PROSPERITY HK SIGNATURE SCALLOP SAUCE (xo sauce) where you can eat together with the radish cakes. Superb combination.

Gonna show you guys some pictures from the event.

Anyway, the event was held at Hui Lau Shan 許留山 Setapak Central Mall

Media, Bloggers, VIP's & some lucky winner is gathered here

Star's of Hui Lau Shan 許留山 2016 Monkey Year Menu

Let's fill up the tummy with some Hui Lau Shan 許留山 signature desserts ^^

D24 Durian Mochi

Deluxe Mango Mochi

Mini Golden Sago Duet

Mini Sago Duet

Mini Prosperous Red Bean Sweetie Ball

Mini Prosperous Taro Zimi Sweetie Ball

Signature Curry Fishball

Although is only desserts and small little finger foods. It really does stuffed me up. 

Ding Ding Ding, the event is starting now ~~~

Mr emcee of the night Joe曾耀祖 (FB)

Special guest of the night Juztin Lan 劉界輝 (FB)

From Left to Right > Juztin Lan 劉界輝 > Mr Pan, HLS Southeast Asia General Manager > Joe曾耀祖

Mr Pan said this year, HLS will focus on ''Health & Leisure''. Other than ensuring the food they provide is healthy, they also do start renovating some of their outlets to improve the interior design. Currently their very 1st outlet at 1Utama is still under renovation and it will be ready before this coming CNY he said.

Other than that, starting from now until 31st January 2016, spend a minimum of RM18 and you will receive HLS's specially designed red packets and a RM8 lucky voucher right at the back of the red packets. The RM8 voucher can be claimed from 23th February 2016 till 30 April 2016. While stock last my dear reader. GRAB IT FAST !

Pay RM18, get back RM40...What a great deal...xD

After the short speech & great by Juztin Lan 劉界輝 & Mr Pan ended, HLS staff brings out the stars of the day which is the CHEERFUL LOU SANG.

This CHEERFUL LOU SANG is not like the ordinary yee sang we had which they will normally inserted a few slices of raw fish fillets. This is all filled with fruits & is very suitable for our vegetarian friends.

Ingredient which made this yee sang so special :- 
  • HLS's Signature Mangoes
  • Red Apples
  • Green Apples
  • Pears
  • Strawberries
  • Watermelons
  • Cantaloupes
  • Honey Dew's
  • Guavas
  • Shredded Carrots
  • Shredded Turnips
  • Pomelo's
  • Seeds
  • and some other seasonal fruits
Added together with some crispy crackers and topped with their homade special Passion Fruit sauce. Surprisingly is not as sour as we all expected, is very rich in aroma and the taste is like asam sauce for me, sweet, sour with a very strong scent of passion fruit. I Love the sauce a lot.

Come on everyone, lets tosssssss~~~~~

Blogger toss~~

After all the tossing, the staff started to bring out the 2nd stars of the night ~

Prosperity HK Signature Platter with PROSPERITY HK SIGNATURE SCALLOP SAUCE (xo sauce)

Prosperity HK Signature Radish Cake

Prosperity HK Signature New Year Cake

While enjoying the food they serve, at the same moment, all the guest here are encourage to play a small games which all of us need to take the most pretty picture of the CHEERFUL LOU SANG and posted on out social media before 8pm. HLS's person in charge will choose 3 lucky winner and all 3 of them will walk away with a box of  Prosperity HK Signature New Year Cake, Prosperity HK Signature Radish Cake, a bottle of Prosperity HK Signature Scallop Sauce (xo sauce) and a few HLS's vouchers.
Unfortunately, the winner is not me. Anyway, congratulations to the winners ^^

Blogger group photos with Juztin Lan 劉界輝 , Mr Pan & Joe曾耀祖

Ending the post here and i wish everyone to have a Prosperous, Lucky & Great year ahead.

!!!! HUAT AH !!!!


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